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SOAPe Platinum chiropractic software makes it ridiculously easy to create a variety of professional-looking reports, notes and letters common to your office. With SOAPe Platinum, you'll virtually eliminate the time spent in your office doing paperwork and regain the focus on what matters most - your patient's health and well-being.

SOAPe Platinum produces notes and reports that insurance adjusters, attorneys and referring physicians will appreciate. They are both clear and concise, and formatted in a simple and logical fashion. More importantly, they contain exactly what's required to get paid and protect against potential liability.

Other vendors attempt to sell you on their product by boasting about fancy features you'll never use but will indeed pay for. One such feature is "randomized verbiage." Randomized verbiage is technology that attempts to "fool" the recipients of your notes and reports (i.e. insurance adjusters) into believing that these documents were not computer generated by rephrasing the verbiage of similar exam findings. The truth is, randomized verbiage fools no one and will not help to improve reimbursement.

How do we know this? Because we actually sat down with a group of attorneys and former insurance adjusters and asked them what they look for in quality note or report. All were in agreement that the note should be clear and concise. None were impressed with lengthy reports or randomized verbiage. Insurance adjusters have hundreds of notes to review each week from doctors. They do not have the time to read all that extra jargon. They just want to the facts presented in a clear and concise format. The same holds true for the attorneys we spoke with.

Since 2001, thousands of chiropractors worldwide have used SOAPe generated notes and reports and received reimbursement without issue. In fact, many clients have reported increased reimbursements due to extended treatment plans.

Below are several sample reports, notes and letters that have been generated using SOAPe Platinum chiropractic software. Please keep in mind that all notes and reports generated by our software are completely customizable. The notes and reports below may or may not suit the needs of your office. They are merely provided as samples.

Sample Notes and Reports:

chiropractic narrative reports  Chiropractic Initial Examination Report
chiropractic narrative reports Chiropractic SOAP Note
chiropractic narrative reports Chiropractic Narrative Report
chiropractic narrative reports Chiropractic Disability Note
chiropractic narrative reports Chiropractic Office Welcome Letter

Keep in mind, the best way to determine if SOAPe Platinum software is right for your office is to download a Free 14-day trial today. More than 90% of the chiropractors who try our documentation software end up purchasing it. It's that good!

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